This week, the lecture is about tangible interaction. Because touch is not equal to tangible, we should consider the look and feel of the product when we build it. A good tangible interaction design can allow users to manipulate directly. For example, it can raise the importance of perception, and it will allow users to view cursor on screen as extension of hand.

We know that Google is working on this aspect. It is designing a special pair of glasses which can replace the smart phones. And moreover, it will add human’s actions into account. If you want to know what’s the time at the moment, maybe you just say “tell me the time” , and then, a floating clock will come in front of you.


Remote Mouse is such an app which has the potential to be developed into tangible interaction product. Users can turn their iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless touchpad and keyboard when using this app then they can take control of their presentations from anywhere in the room. Also, why I like this app is: my computer is next to my bed and I use it as a remote to control it as I watch movies!  Lazy mode engaged!

However, to make Remote Mouse to a real tangible design, we should add more elements in it. For example, we can use sound. I hope we can use our iPhone as a smart inter phone, and when way say “shut down my mac”, the computer will follow the rule and shut down itself. Also, we can use actions. When we swing the smart phones, some signals will be sent to the computers and the computers can do whatever we want automatically.

I don’t think this idea is far away from us. Who had thought that people could use portable telephones called smart mobile phones in 1970’s? The technologies nowadays are growing dramatically fast without our awareness . It is said that the Google Glass will be published in the beginning of 2013, therefore, I am sure the future is for the tangible interaction products.



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