Ozsale, an emotional design application

This week, the focus is emotional design that the aim is to make clients happy during the process. To be attractive, the app need to have three levels of processing: visceral, behavioural and reflective. From my personal experience, I believe Ozsale is such a mobile device.

Ozsale is an online shopping application which offers users big discounts on some goods. It will post several brands’ products every morning at 6:30am, and the prices are really attractive! I think it does good at the visceral design aspect because it is fun and simple. However, we need to decide quickly whether to buy or not, or everything will be gone because others will rush to buy it. So that’s why I have to get up early and open the Ozsale to do the panic buying everyday! Haha. Also, the app use bright colours in the cover picture to encourage users to click and have a look.

The behavioural design aspect of Ozsale performs well. It is usable and understandable.  The looking, buying and checking out  steps are easy and safe. It will take me no more than three minutes to finish the whole procedure. Then, my money is missing from my credit card.

This app also has reflective design elements. After checking out, I will get email confirmation and parcel ID which make me feel good and satisfied. And if there are some problems when sending my products, the company will contact me through telephone in time. Therefore, all the services make me to trust the app.

From my point of view, all the online shopping apps should put emotional design into the design pattern. Because only happy clients will buy more products and spend more money.



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