A probe app — Find My iPhone

In this week’s lecture, we talked a lot about the cultural, domestic and technology probes. From my point of view, probes are everywhere in our daily lives.  There have been a great many of products of probes, for example, pinhole camera, photogram paper, and even dream recorder.  Actually, we can say we cannot avoid using a probe, not to say whether they are participatory. It reminds me with a very popular probe app  called Find My iPhone. It is a probe using technology to help you to find the iPhones if you know the account number and its password.


Although, it is designed to  let you use another iOS device to find your missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac and protect your data, people seldom use it for such reason. For me, I always track my boyfriend’s location by using this app. Therefore, it is useful and encouragingly playful. Also, there are some elements of risk because it is not good to see other’s privacy even though he is your boyfriend. Moreover, it may return nothing except the location; in other words, it may be useless because you just know something but couldn’t do anything about it.


Here is a joke about the technology probe that I’d like to share with you.

On the phone:

Girl: ” Dear, where are you?”(^_^)☆

Boy: “ Well, I am studying at home!” (*_*) Actually he is dating with another lady.

Girl: “Good boy, please Check In with your Facebook and say love me!”o(^_^)o

Boy: “⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯”

Look, how well can probes work!



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