How to lower the technical and knowledge threshold for users

This week, there is no lecture. But the contact paper that Dan provided is very interesting. It is about how to lower the technical and knowledge threshold for users to to access the benefits of deployed mobile Information and Communication Technology solutions.

Actually, from my point of view, nearly all the apps are easy to understand and use. I needn’t to read the whole descriptions of them before installing. Just by reading the names and seeing the dashboards, I will be 90% sure of what the apps are. However, when it comes to my mom, she will have no idea of how to use some of them. Smart phone’s history is too young and it will be updated very fast that even I could  not understand some apps in the future. So, how to make it easy to access for next generation is very essential.  I believe, the simple, the better.

FastMall allows its users to find near malls, favorite stores and parking places with no such requirements of Wifi or GPS. (That is really good! How knows what the next generation of smart phone will be!) It also shows all the elevator routes as well as the stairs ones. Their users need to type in what they want to go or just click the store name from the drop down button, and then they will see the highlighted paths that lead to their destinations. Moreover, people can save stores in this app, so the next time, it will be easier and for them to come again.

I am not sure what the new interaction forms and applications will be, but I hope it can be possible to create and deploy newapplications and services for a large target group that were not previously possible orfeasible and thus help bringing sustainable ICT solutions to people and communitiesin developing regions.



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