Scoopon, the app of saving or spending money?

This week, we learnt a lot of things about social+mobile. Where do we interact with social software, what do we do with it and How does mobile technology change this are really the key factors that we interaction design students need to be aware of. Also, Location-based  apps are rapidly increasing, nearly all the apps require the GPS location to support their parts. Because of the high technologies, the social networks can easily affect  people’s social lives. Before, the apps emphasise on individual games, but I think the future trends will be more interactive and social. So the most important thing for building a good app is: who is in control, where the interaction happens, and who can join in.

Here is an example.

I have an app on my phone called Scoopon. It is about buying multiple coupons for local activities, travels or  buying goods on websites. People are always be attracted by big discounts, especially the really ‘big’ discount. For example, I will always find a dinner package costs from $39, which ‘should’ be $107. It is good money right? But! Be aware of the ‘from’! Maybe the ‘from’ one only gives you a one-course dinner, not the romantic one. If you just spend $39, you won’t get the treatment as what It looks like through the image.

So you think you are cheated? Yep, maybe, but it won’t be too bad if you know how to use the coupon. For me, I bought a coupon of learning white card online course. Actually, I just wanted the certificate, not the real course, so I didn’t mind whether I really gained any knowledge from the course. Therefore, this coupon really suited me. They couldn’t provide me enough learning resources, but that was fine, I didn’t care. I could learn it from other free sources, and then use the coupon to get the certificate (which was included in the coupon package).

Also, another thing I have to talk about Scoopon is, its email links. For 2 weeks now I’ve been attempting to unsubscribe from scoopon. I receive 3-5 emails daily, ridiculous. The unsubscribe link does not work. I’m unable to unsubscribe via my account as it claims my password doesn’t work however when they issue new passwords they don’t work either. Their online form is useless. After many attempts at trying to email their poor website, I eventually received an email claiming they have removed me from their list. 10 days later they’re still harassing me. You can’t reply to their emails either, the address is invalid. Their Brisbane phone number rings out.

What is more, it is said that Scoopon takes no responsibility for bad deal providers. But for my experiences, it is not bad because I only buy trusted dealers’ couple. However, although I have the app on my phone, I seldom use it, only when I want to kill time.

Is it very hard to market such apps? Scooupon gets the highest ranking among all the coupon apps! I cannot believe it!



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