Jiepang, is it popular in Australia as well?

Yesterday, my friend Peter asked me :”Qibai, do you know Dajie?”


I was so surprised that I think dajie was a Chinese app that only Chinese people knew it. However, Peter told me that he got the information from one course he token, and it sounded fun and good marketing future. So, this time, I will talk more about the Dajie App.

Dajie in Chinese means” main street”. I know this app very well but I never used it before. It is very popular in China and Taiwan. I think it is a little like the Facebook ‘Check In’ usage. What’s more, you can gain vouchers or promote codes if you vote for a place. (for example: ‘The Cafe Club is fantastic!’ then you will get 5% discount.) This app is always linked with QQ, weibo, renren such social networkings.( They are chinese Facebook, twitter and MSN >_<. ) But I don’t use this app because its user interface is too complicated. Also, some people don’t do the really votes and rankings that they just want to get more discounts.


Also, this app has its own webpage, but it is not popular at all. Maybe people think the phone app is enough, because they won’t stay at home, using PCs to show their locations.

I think what we can learn from it is: Its direct links with Facebook and Twitter or Google+, and its good marketing way. If people can get profits from using this app. I am sure the corporation can keep their clients.

However, what I think we need to improve is: How to make its user interface clean and easy, and how to make people follow the rules. What if people always cheat to vote? That’s hard to control but it might be a way to solve.



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