Is Viber still useful now?

The first social networking app I installed on my iphone is Viber. Because I am an international student, the call fees is unbelievable high if I call to my families though Voafone or any other phone corporations. There is no doubt that Viber lets everyone in the world connect freely for free although the quanlity is not so good. But anyway, if I were talking about this last year, I would suggest everyone in my situation to use this app.
However, imessage changed my passion of using Viber. Thanks for Apple! I can text to my mum for free. What’s more, I could seriously realise that I seldom use Viber nowadays, cause imessage can replace its position definitely
. So I begin to think,will Viber be replaced in the future? As far as I am concerned, Viber‘s only use is to make call for free now, but with bad call quality. If they couldn’t improve the technical problems, I am sure they will lose more users.
From my point of view, maybe Viber can do some extra services. For example, besides of making calls and messaging, they can link Facebook, Twitter or other social net works as well. What is more, they can set up its own social network just like Facebook. Because it is based on telephone numbers, this ‘Viber Network’ could be more realistic and trustful.
Anyway, I will keep seeing what will happen to Viber in the future. Hope the group can find a way out to achieve more audiences.


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