Scoopon, the app of saving or spending money?

This week, we learnt a lot of things about social+mobile. Where do we interact with social software, what do we do with it and How does mobile technology change this are really the key factors that we interaction design students need to be aware of. Also, Location-based  apps are rapidly increasing, nearly all the apps require the GPS location to support their parts. Because of the high technologies, the social networks can easily affect  people’s social lives. Before, the apps emphasise on individual games, but I think the future trends will be more interactive and social. So the most important thing for building a good app is: who is in control, where the interaction happens, and who can join in.

Here is an example.

I have an app on my phone called Scoopon. It is about buying multiple coupons for local activities, travels or  buying goods on websites. People are always be attracted by big discounts, especially the really ‘big’ discount. For example, I will always find a dinner package costs from $39, which ‘should’ be $107. It is good money right? But! Be aware of the ‘from’! Maybe the ‘from’ one only gives you a one-course dinner, not the romantic one. If you just spend $39, you won’t get the treatment as what It looks like through the image.

So you think you are cheated? Yep, maybe, but it won’t be too bad if you know how to use the coupon. For me, I bought a coupon of learning white card online course. Actually, I just wanted the certificate, not the real course, so I didn’t mind whether I really gained any knowledge from the course. Therefore, this coupon really suited me. They couldn’t provide me enough learning resources, but that was fine, I didn’t care. I could learn it from other free sources, and then use the coupon to get the certificate (which was included in the coupon package).

Also, another thing I have to talk about Scoopon is, its email links. For 2 weeks now I’ve been attempting to unsubscribe from scoopon. I receive 3-5 emails daily, ridiculous. The unsubscribe link does not work. I’m unable to unsubscribe via my account as it claims my password doesn’t work however when they issue new passwords they don’t work either. Their online form is useless. After many attempts at trying to email their poor website, I eventually received an email claiming they have removed me from their list. 10 days later they’re still harassing me. You can’t reply to their emails either, the address is invalid. Their Brisbane phone number rings out.

What is more, it is said that Scoopon takes no responsibility for bad deal providers. But for my experiences, it is not bad because I only buy trusted dealers’ couple. However, although I have the app on my phone, I seldom use it, only when I want to kill time.

Is it very hard to market such apps? Scooupon gets the highest ranking among all the coupon apps! I cannot believe it!


Jiepang, is it popular in Australia as well?

Yesterday, my friend Peter asked me :”Qibai, do you know Dajie?”


I was so surprised that I think dajie was a Chinese app that only Chinese people knew it. However, Peter told me that he got the information from one course he token, and it sounded fun and good marketing future. So, this time, I will talk more about the Dajie App.

Dajie in Chinese means” main street”. I know this app very well but I never used it before. It is very popular in China and Taiwan. I think it is a little like the Facebook ‘Check In’ usage. What’s more, you can gain vouchers or promote codes if you vote for a place. (for example: ‘The Cafe Club is fantastic!’ then you will get 5% discount.) This app is always linked with QQ, weibo, renren such social networkings.( They are chinese Facebook, twitter and MSN >_<. ) But I don’t use this app because its user interface is too complicated. Also, some people don’t do the really votes and rankings that they just want to get more discounts.


Also, this app has its own webpage, but it is not popular at all. Maybe people think the phone app is enough, because they won’t stay at home, using PCs to show their locations.

I think what we can learn from it is: Its direct links with Facebook and Twitter or Google+, and its good marketing way. If people can get profits from using this app. I am sure the corporation can keep their clients.

However, what I think we need to improve is: How to make its user interface clean and easy, and how to make people follow the rules. What if people always cheat to vote? That’s hard to control but it might be a way to solve.


Is Viber still useful now?

The first social networking app I installed on my iphone is Viber. Because I am an international student, the call fees is unbelievable high if I call to my families though Voafone or any other phone corporations. There is no doubt that Viber lets everyone in the world connect freely for free although the quanlity is not so good. But anyway, if I were talking about this last year, I would suggest everyone in my situation to use this app.
However, imessage changed my passion of using Viber. Thanks for Apple! I can text to my mum for free. What’s more, I could seriously realise that I seldom use Viber nowadays, cause imessage can replace its position definitely
. So I begin to think,will Viber be replaced in the future? As far as I am concerned, Viber‘s only use is to make call for free now, but with bad call quality. If they couldn’t improve the technical problems, I am sure they will lose more users.
From my point of view, maybe Viber can do some extra services. For example, besides of making calls and messaging, they can link Facebook, Twitter or other social net works as well. What is more, they can set up its own social network just like Facebook. Because it is based on telephone numbers, this ‘Viber Network’ could be more realistic and trustful.
Anyway, I will keep seeing what will happen to Viber in the future. Hope the group can find a way out to achieve more audiences.

Eventbrite, an app that does help my project

Our group decide to create an App about finding different events around you and creating new events for special purposes. And we just call it “Event Junkie”. In the last week, what I had done was: did research things and read prior arts. Also, I found an interesting Iphone App called “Eventbrite” , which was really helped and interesting.


Eventbrite is an online service that people everywhere use to create, share, and join any event imaginable. Whether it’s a photography class with a local artist, or a sold-out concert in a city stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen. We enable event creation, promotion and ticket sales. We help people discover events that match their passions. And we let everyone share the events they’re creating or joining, bringing more people together around the world.


What aspect of the App that attracts me most is: it is indeed easy to use. We can publish events, promote events  and sell tickets by Eventbrite, and it won’t take us more than three minutes. What is more. when I do not have time to attend any events, I still prefer to check it once a week to know what happens around me.


But there is one thing that I don’t like, the colour. The main colour are white and orange, with no other colours included. It is hard to tell the different catalogues of events. As the only one majoring in interaction design, my job is to do UI and graphic design. I may overcome this drawback and make a good use of colours and even shapes in our project in the following weeks.